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Amy Pond & Caitlin Blackwood/Karen Gillan:
Astrid Peth & Kylie Minogue:          
Christina de Souza & Michelle Ryan:          
Clara, Oswin and all other echoes & Jenna-Louise Coleman:        
Donna Noble & Catherine Tate:          
Jackie Tyler & Camille Coduri:            
Jenny & Georgia Moffett:            
Martha Jones & Freema Agyeman:          
Mickey Smith & Noel Clarke:          
bad guys:              
good guys & rest:          
River Song & Alex Kingston:          
Rory Williams/Pond & Arthur Darvill:          
Rose Tyler & Billie Piper:          
Sally Sparrow & Carey Mulligan:          
the Doctor (8) & Paul McGann:          
the Doctor (9) & Christopher Eccleston:          
the Doctor (10) & David Tennant:          
the Doctor (11) & Matt Smith:          
the Master & John Simm:          
Amy Pond & Jack Harkness:          
Amy Pond & River Song:          
Amy Pond & Rory Williams/Pond:          
Amy Pond & Rose Tyler:            
Amy Pond & the Doctor:          
Amy Pond & Vincent van Gogh:          
Astrid Peth & the Doctor:            
Christina de Souza & the Doctor:          
Clara Oswald & Jack Harkness:          
Clara Oswald & Rory Williams:          
Clara Oswald & Rose Tyler:          
Clara Oswald & the Doctor:          
Donna Noble & the Doctor:        
Gwen Cooper & the Doctor:            
Jack Harkness & the Doctor:          
Jackie & Rose Tyler:            
Jenny & Jack Harkness:            
Jenny & the Doctor:            
Martha Jones & Jack Harkness:            
Martha Jones & Mickey Smith:          
Martha Jones & Rose Tyler:          
Martha Jones & the Doctor:            
Mickey Smith & the Doctor:          
River Song & Jack Harkness:            
River Song & the Doctor:          
Rose Tyler & Jack Harkness:          
Rose Tyler & Mickey Smith:          
Rose Tyler & the Doctor:          
Sally Sparrow & Mickey Smith:          
Sally Sparrow & the Doctor:          
Sarah Jane Smith & the Doctor:          
other couples/2 people:            
3 or more people: