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 A New Beginning Doctor Who (in Rose's alternate reality - Rose, AU!9, 10.5)


on hold here
Change Of Fate Harry Potter AU (Ginny/Harry, Sirius/female OC, Hermione/Ron, Parvati/Blaise, James/Lily)


on hold  
Charmed Again BtvS, Charmed, Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer


on hold  
Charming Hogwarts AU Crossover including Harry Potter (marauders era) and Charmed (Prue/Sirius, Piper/Remus, Phoebe/Regulus, Paige/OC)


on hold  
Colonial Crossover Stargate, SGA & Battlestar Galactica (Elizabeth/John, Sam/Jack, Kara/Lee, Dee/Ford, Teyla/Ronon, Roslin/Adama, Sharon/Helo, Aurora's 1st officer/Cam, Vala/Daniel, Cadman/Rodney, Carolyn/Carson)


on hold here
Criminal Slayer BtvS, Criminal Minds (Faith/Spencer) active  
How I Died And Lived Series Doctor Who (including Pete's World), Torchwood (Rose/10, Clara/Jack, Sally/10.5, Martha/Mickey, alt!Gwen/alt!Jack, Amy/Rory, echo!Clara/alt!Rory, AU!River/Eleven, Jackie/alt!Pete)


active here
It's Far From Over Series Animorphs, Army Wives, BTVS, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0 Legend of the Seeker, NCIS LA, Primeval, SG-1, SGA, SGU, Supernatural, Torchwood, Veronica Mars & Warehouse 13 (Faith/Riley, Elizabeth/John, Sam/Jack, AU!Gwen/Jack, TJ/Cam, Martha/Becker, Rachel/Stephen, Lori/Steve, Kahlan/Richard, Cara/Ronon, Vala/Daniel, Kensi/Deeks, Cadman/Danny, Claudia/Eli, Veronica/Dean, Teyla/Tealíc, River/11, Rose/10.5, Jennifer/Rodney, Nell/Eric, Kono/G, Roxy/Trevor, Claudia Joy/Michael, Pamela/Chase, Denise/Frank, Amy/Rory, Chloe/Matthew, Jenny/Ford, Sally/Mickey, AU!Jo/clone!Jack, Willow/Sam, past Willow/Kennedy)


active here
It's Only Just Beginning Angel, Animorphs, Doctor Who, JAG, Primeval, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis & Torchwood (Sam/Jack, Elizabeth/John, Rachel/Stephen, Rachel/Becker, Cadman/Becker, Mac/Harm, Amelia/Ronon, Fred/Lorne, AU!Gwen/Jack, Martha/Mickey, Rose/Doctor, Jennifer/Rodney, Aurora's 1st officer/Cam)


on hold here
Lost Within Time Harry Potter timetravel (Ginny/Sirius, Hermione/Ron, Harry/female OC, James/Lily, Remus/female OC, Pansy/Draco)


on hold  
New Worlds BtvS, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Torchwood & True Blood (Faith/Dean, Faith/Jack, Rose/Doctor, Dawn/Sam, Buffy/Eric, Martha/Jack)


active here
the Slayer Diaries BtvS/Angel, Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries


in planning here
Unusual Temporal Occurrences Doctor Who/Torchwood, Primeval (Martha/Becker, Rose/Stephen, Jess/Mickey, Emily/Matt, Gwen/Jack, Abby/Connor, Amy/Rory)


active here
When Worlds Collide Series Angel, Animorphs, Beauty & the Beast (2012), Blood Ties, Bloodlines, BTVS, Doctor Who, Fever, Fringe, Grimm, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Leverage, Lost Girl, Primeval & Primeval: New World, Resident Evil, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, the Avengers, the Vampire Diaries, Torchwood, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Twilight, Vampire Academy, Veronica Mars (Abby/Connor, Alice/Chris, Allison/Jeremy, Amy/Rory, Bo/Jack, Buffy/Angel, a bit of Buffy/Dean, Caroline/Stefan, Catherine/Vincent, Clara/Stephen, Claire/Steve, Dawn/Sam, Dylan/Evan, Elena/Damon, Emily/Matt, Faith/Derek, Fred/Bruce, Ginny/Harry, Hermione/Percy, Jane/Thor, Jess/Becker, Jill/Eddie, Jo/Eliot, Kenzi/Henry, Lissa/Christian, Mac/Barrons, Martha/Mickey, Natasha/Clint, Alt!Olivia/Alt!Lincoln, Pepper/Tony, Rachel/Nick, Rebekah/Eric, River/Eleven, Rose H./Dimitri, Rose T./Ten, Selina/Sirius, Sydney/Adrian, Veronica/Dean, Willow/Tara) in planning here
ficlets & drabbles by me      
A New Prophecy Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Harry, Percy, Rachel) complete  
Christmas Wish Hawaii Five-0 (Danny/Steve friendship, Danny/Rachel friendship, Grace) complete  
Distraction Works Both Ways BtvS, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries (Buffy/Eric) complete  
End Or New Start? Angel: series finale complete  
Holding Hands In The Rain Doctor Who (Rose/Eleven, mentions of River/Doctor) complete  
I Know You BtvS, Supernatural (Buffy/Castiel) complete  
I Thought You Were Someone Else Bones, BtvS (Buffy/Booth) complete  
I'd Rather Know You're Safe Angel/BtvS, Charmed (Cordy/Wyatt) complete  
Just Saying Hello Doctor Who (Amy, Jack, Eleven) complete  
Mistletoe Angel/BtvS, Supernatural (Faith/Dean) complete  
New Year's Resolutions Primeval (Jess/Becker, Abby/Connor, Emily/Matt) complete  
Not All Witches Are Bad Harry Potter, Supernatural (Hermione/Dean, Harry, Ginny) complete  
Not Belle Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Callgirl (Rose/the Doctor, Belle/random customer) complete  
Not Going To Happen BtvS, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries (Buffy/Eric) complete  
Reunions Bones, Supernatural, Veronica Mars (Veronica/Dean, Sam, Booth) complete  
She Doesn't Like It Doctor Who, Veronica Mars (Doctor/Veronica) complete  
Surprise Angel/BtvS, Dexter (Faith, Dexter) complete  
The Alien Doctor Who/Torchwood, Law & Order UK (Martha, Jack, Alesha) complete  
the Ghost Angel/BtvS, Supernatural (Faith/Dean) complete  
The Prophecy Doctor Who, Supernatural (Rose/Sam) complete  
The Slayer And Her Werewolf BtvS, Twilight (Buffy/Jacob) complete  
The Veil Doctor Who, Harry Potter (Jack, Sirius, River/Eleven) complete  
Timey-Wimey Doctor Who (Eleven, Rose, Amy, Rory) complete  
Was That What You Were Looking For? Harry Potter, Twilight (Hermione/Edward) complete  

fanfic by others, art by me

All's Well That Ends Well NCIS, Stargate (Sam/Jack) complete here
Child Of Autumn Criminal Minds AU   here
Cousins To The War BtvS, Teen Wolf (Stiles, Xander, Buffy, Dawn) complete here
Fanning The Flames Criminal Minds, Supernatural complete here
Home Is Where The Story Begins Joan of Arcadia, Supernatural, the Dresden Files (bookverse - Joan/Sam) complete here
It's The End Where I Begin Doctor Who, Supernatural part 1 complete here
Life Changes Stargate SG-1, SGA, Supernatural complete here
Marine Knots NCIS, the Dresden Files (bookverse) complete here
Secrets In the Mist AU!Vampire Diaries (Elena/Damon, Katherine/Stefan)   here
Shadow (this is a german fic!) NCIS LA (Callen/OC)   here
Skies on Fire main fic: Smallville, Supernatural, Veronica Mars (Chloe/Sam, Veronica/Dean, past Veronica/Logan) - prequel: Bones/VM part 1, 2, 3 & a prequel ficlet finished here
The Happiest Place Stargate SG-1 (Sam/Cam, Sam/Jack) complete here
Ocean Breeze (this is a german fic!) Twilight (Jacob/OC) complete here
Of One Night Stands And Broken Hearts Primeval (Abby/Becker) complete here
Off Limits Stargate SG-1 (Vala/Cam) complete here
The Neptune Job Leverage, Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan, Parker/Eliot, Mac/Hardison, Sophie/Nate)   here
Through The Never BtvS, SPN (Dawn/Sam) in progress here
Tok'ra Apocalypse Series Stargate, SPN several fics complete here
War Machine Doctor Who, Veronica Mars (Veronica/Doctor) complete here
Waves Are Universal Stargate SG-1 (Sam/Jack) complete here