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My fave crossovers by fandom & characters:

fandoms: Burn Notice, Chuck, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds, Nikita, Stargate, XIII               
couples: Rachel/Spencer (Criminal Minds), Rachel/XIII (XIII), Sark/Annie (Covert Affairs), Sydney/John (SGA), Sydney/XIII (XIII)

friends: Rachel/Alex (Nikita), Rachel/Annie (Covert Affairs), Sydney/Annie (Covert Affairs), Sydney/Nikita (Nikita)

fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Blood Ties, Bloodlines, Bones, Castle, Charmed, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Grimm, Human Target, LotS, Leverage, Lost Girl, Mutant X, Stargate, Supernatural
, the Vampire Diaries (TVD), True Blood, Vampire Academy
Angel/Bo (Lost Girl), Angel/Kahlan (LotS), Angel/Prue (Charmed), Angel/Vicki (Blood Ties), Angel(us)/Katherine (TVD), Cordelia/Wyatt (Charmed), Fred/Chance (Human Target), Fred/Dean (Supernatural), Fred/John (SGA), Fred/Lorne (SGA), Fred/Nick (Grimm), Fred/Sam (Supernatural), Fred/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Gwen/Brennan (Mutant X), Illyria/Castiel (Supernatural), Spike/Phoebe (Charmed)
friends: Angel/Bo (Lost Girl), 
Angel/Henry (Blood Ties), Darla/Katherine (VD), Faith/Bo (Lost Girl), Faith/Cara (LotS), Faith/Coreen (Blood Ties), Faith/Jessica (True Blood), Faith/Vicki (Blood Ties), Fred/Cadman (SGA), Spike/Adrian (VA/Bloodlines)
friends/rivals: Angel/
Booth (Bones), Angel/Eric (True Blood), Spike/Eric (True Blood)
family: Lindsey/Eliot (Leverage)

Anna und die Liebe:  
fandoms: Ghost Whisperer, Medium
friends: Anna/Allison (Medium), Anna/Melinda (Ghost Whisperer), Jonas/Allison (Medium), Jonas/Melinda (Ghost Whisperer)

Army Wives:
fandoms: JAG, Stargate

Battlestar Galactica
Dee/Ford (SGA), Kara/John (SGA), Lee/Faith (BtvS/Angel)
friends: Kara/
Faith (BtvS/Angel), Laura/Elizabeth (SGA), Lee/John (SGA), Sharon/Cadman (SGA)

Being Human:
couples: Mitchell/Phoebe (Charmed)                                                                                        

Blood Ties:
fandomsAngel/BtvSCharmed, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Lost Girl, LotS, Veronica Mars
couples: Coreen/Willow (BtvS), Henry/Bo (Lost Girl), Henry/Buffy (BtvS), Henry/Cara (LotS), Henry/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Henry/Jack (Dr. Who/Torchwood), Henry/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Henry/Paige (Charmed), Henry/Prue (Charmed), Henry/Veronica (Veronica Mars) Henry/Willow (BtvS), Vicki/Angel (Angel/BtvS)

love triangles/threesomes: Henry/Bo/Jack (Lost Girl/Torchwood), Henry/Cara/Jack (LotS/Torchwood)
friends: Coreen/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Coreen/Paige (Charmed), Henry/Angel (Angel/BtvS),
Henry/Jack (Dr. Who/Torchwood), Henry/Willow (BtvS), Vicki/Buffy (BtvS), Vicki/Gwen (Torchwood), Vicki/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Vicki/Prue (Charmed)

couples: Booth/Buffy (BtvS)
friends/rivals: Booth/Angel (Angel/BtvS)

Boston Legal:
fandoms: Drop Dead Diva

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:                                                                       
fandoms: Avengers, Blood Ties, Bloodlines, Bones, Castle, CharmedCriminal Minds, Demonica, Dexter, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Fever Series, Grimm, Harry Potter, Haven, Hex, Human Target, Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Lost Girl, Mutant X, One Tree Hill, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Primeval, Resident Evil, Smallville, Stargate, Supernatural
Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries (TVD), The Walking Dead (TWD), Tru Calling, True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Academy
Angel/Bo (Lost Girl), Angel/Kahlan (LotS), Angel/Prue (Charmed), Angel/Vicki (Blood Ties), Angel(us)/Katherine (TVD), Buffy/Alaric (TVD), Buffy/Barrons (Fever) Buffy/Booth (Bones), Buffy/Brennan (Mutant X), Buffy/Cam (SG-1), Buffy/Castiel (SPN), Buffy/Clark (Smallville), Buffy/Damon (TVD), Buffy/Dean (SPN), Buffy/Derek (Criminal Minds), Buffy/Eliot (Leverage), Buffy/Eric (True Blood), Buffy/Gwen (Torchwood), Buffy/Henry (Blood Ties), Buffy/Jacob (Twilight), Buffy/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Buffy/Legolas (LotR), Buffy/Nick (Grimm), Buffy/Richard (LotS), Buffy/Sam (SPN), Buffy/Stephen (Primeval), Buffy/Steve (Captain America/Avengers), Buffy/the Doctor (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Buffy/Thor (Thor/Avengers), Buffy/Wyatt (Charmed), Dawn/Chris (Charmed), Dawn/Harry (Harry Potter), Dawn/Jacob (Twilight), Dawn/Jeremy (TVD), Dawn/Percy (Percy Jackson & the Olympians), Dawn/Sam (SPN), Faith/Barrons (Fever), Faith/Becker (Primeval), Faith/Bo (Lost Girl), Faith/Brennan (Mutant X), Faith/Cara (LotS), Faith/Chance (Human Target), Faith/Clint (Avengers), Faith/Damon (TVD), Faith/Daryl (TWD), Faith/Dean (SPN), Faith/Derek (Teen Wolf), Faith/Dexter (Dexter), Faith/Dimitri (Vampire Academy), Faith/Eliot (Leverage), Faith/Eric (True Blood), Faith/Henry (Blood Ties), Faith/Jacob (Twilight), Faith/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Faith/Jesse (Mutant X), Faith/John (SGA), Faith/Nick (Grimm), Faith/Oliver (Smallville), Faith/Ronon (SGA), Faith/Sirius (Harry Potter), Faith/Spencer (Criminal Minds), Faith/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Faith/Thor (Thor/Avengers), Riley/Billie (Charmed), Riley/Caroline (TVD), Riley/Jo (SPN), Riley/Maria (Avengers), Riley/Martha (Doctor Who), Riley/Rebekah (TVD), Riley/Rose (Doctor Who), Riley/Sally (Doctor Who), Spike/Katherine (TVD), Tara/Cara (LotS), Willow/Bruce (Avengers), Willow/Cara (LotS), Willow/Coreen (Blood Ties), Willow/Henry (Blood Ties), Willow/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Willow/Remus (Harry Potter), Willow/the Doctor (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Willow/Rebekah (TVD),Willow/Thelma (Hex), Xander/Jo (SPN)
love triangles: Angel/Buffy/Dean (Supernatural), Angel/Buffy/Eric (True Blood), Buffy/Eric/Nora (True Blood), Buffy/Eric/Rebekah (True Blood/TVD), Dean/Faith/Jack (Supernatural/True Blood)
friends : Angel/Bo (Lost Girl), Angel/Henry (Blood Ties), Buffy/Casssie (Hex), Buffy/Gwen (Torchwood), Buffy/Mac (Fever), Buffy/Rose (Doctor Who), Buffy/Sookie (True Blood), Buffy/Tayla (Demonica), Buffy/the Doctor (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Buffy/Tru (Tru Calling), Buffy/Vicki (Blood Ties), Darla/Katherine (VD), Dawn/Coreen (Blood Ties), Dawn/Jo (SPN), Dawn/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Faith/Amy (Doctor Who), Faith/Bo (Lost Girl), Faith/Brooke (OTH), Faith/Cara (LotS), Faith/Coreen (Blood Ties), Faith/Ella (Hex), Faith/Ginny (Harry Potter), Faith/Hermione (Harry Potter), Faith/Jessica (True Blood), Faith/Kahlan (LotS), Faith/Mac (Fever), Faith/Martha (Doctor Who), Faith/Natasha (Avengers), Faith/Rose (Doctor Who), Faith/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Faith/Vicki (Blood Ties), Spike/Adrian (VA/Bloodlines), Tara/Bonnie (VD), Willow/Bonnie (VD), Willow/Coreen (Blood Ties), Willow/Henry (Blood Ties), Willow/Hermione (Harry Potter), Willow/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood),Willow/Natasha (Avengers), Willow/Sydney (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines) Willow/the Doctor (Doctor Who)
friends/enemies: Buffy/Ruby (SPN), Faith/Denna (LotS), Faith/Dexter (Dexter), Faith/Ruby (SPN), Willow/Ruby (SPN)
friends/family: Faith/Tru (Tru Calling)

friends/rivalsAngel/Eric (True Blood), Angel/Booth (Bones), Spike/Eric (True Blood)

Burn Notice:
fandoms: Alias, Chaos, Chuck, Covert Affairs

fandoms: Angel, BtvS, Nikita, White Collar
couples: Kate/Neal (White Collar)

fandoms: Burn Notice, Covert Affairs,
Nikita, Veronica Mars, XIII
couples: Billy/Alex (Nikita), Billy/Annie (Covert Affairs), Billy/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Michael/Annie (Covert Affairs)

fandoms: In Plain Sight
friends: Mary/Annie (In Plain Sight)

fandomsAngel/BtvS, Blood Ties, Doctor Who/TorchwoodDresden Files,
Grimm, Harry Potter, Hawaii 5-0, Lord of the Rings, Stargate, Supernatural, the Secret Circle, the Vampire Diaries
couples: Billie/Dean (SPN), Billie/Riley (BtvS), Billie/Ronon (SGA), Chris/Dawn (BtvS), Chris/Jo (SPN), Paige/Cam (SG-1), Paige/Eomer (LotR), Paige/Haldir (LotR), Paige/Henry (Blood Ties), Paige/Legolas (LotR), Paige/Nick (Grimm), Paige/Sam (SPN),  Phoebe/Daniel (SG-1), Phoebe/Eomer (LotR), Phoebe/Haldir (LotR), Phoebe/Henry (Blood Ties), Phoebe/Legolas (LotR), Phoebe/Nick (Grimm), Phoebe/Sam (SPN), Phoebe/Spike (Angel/BtvS), Piper/Remus (Harry Potter), Prue/Angel (Angel/BtvS), Prue/Aragorn (LotR), Prue/Dean (SPN), Prue/Harry (Dresden Files), Prue/Henry (Blood Ties), Prue/John (SGA), Prue/Legolas (LotR), Prue/Nick (Grimm), Prue/Sirius (Harry Potter), Prue/Steve (Hawaii 5-0), Prue/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Wyatt/Buffy (BtvS), Wyatt/Cordelia (Angel/BtvS), Wyatt/Jo (SPN), Wyatt/Ruby (SPN)
friends: Billie/Jo (SPN), Chris/Wyatt/Dean/Sam (SPN), Paige/Coreen (Blood Ties),
Prue/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Prue/Vicki (Blood Ties)

Chronicles of Narnia:
oms: Harry Potter
couples: Caspian/Ginny
(Harry Potter)

fandomsAlias, Burn Notice, Dollhouse, Supernatural, White Collar
couples: Sarah/Dean (Supernatural), Sarah/Neal (White Collar)

friends: Chuck/Echo (Dollhouse), Sarah/Echo (Dollhouse)

Close to Home:                                                                                  
fandoms: Leverage                                                 
Annabeth/Eliot (Leverage)
family: Jack/Eliot (Leverage)

Cold Case:                                                                                        
Criminal Minds, Dexter
couples: Lilly/Derek (Criminal Minds), Lilly/Dexter (Dexter)

Combat Hospital:
Hawaii 5-0
couples: Rebecca/Steve (Hawaii 5-0)

Covert Affairs:
Alias, Burn Notice, Chaos, Criminal Minds, Nikita, Supernatural, White Collar, XIII
couples: Annie/Billy (Chaos), Annie/Dean (SPN), Annie/Michael (Chaos), Annie/Neal (White Collar), Annie/Sark (Alias), Annie/Spencer (Criminal Minds)
friends: Annie/Alex (Nikita), Annie/Jo (SPN), Annie/Nikita (Nikita), Annie/
Rachel (Alias), Annie/Sydney (Alias)

Criminal Minds:
fandomsAlias, BtvS/Angel, Cold Case, Covert Affairs, CSI, Dexter, Harry Potter, Life, NCIS LA, Stargate, Supernatural
couples: Derek/Buffy (BtvS), Derek/Dani (Life), Derek/Kensi (NCIS LA), Derek/Lilly (Cold Case), Spencer/Annie (Covert Affairs),
Spencer/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Spencer/Hermione (Harry Potter), Spencer/Rachel (Alias)
friends: Spencer/Eli (SGU), whole teams (NCIS LA)

fandoms: Criminal Minds, Dexter
couples: Catherine/Dexter (Dexter), Horatio/Debra (Dexter), Sara/Dexter (Dexter), Sofia/Dexter (Dexter), Warrick/Debra (Dexter)
friends/enemies: Horatio/Dexter (Dexter), Nick/Dexter (Dexter), Greg/Dexter (Dexter)

Dark Angel:                                                                                        
fandoms: Mutant X, Supernatural
couples: Max/Brennan (Mutant X),
Max/Dean (SPN)
friends/family: Alec/Dean/Sam (SPN)

DC Shows: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, the Flash, Vixen
couples: Felicity/Barry, Kara/Barry
friends: Barry/Oliver, Felicity/Barry, Kara/Barry, team Arrow/team Flash

fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI, Supernatural
couples: Debra/Horatio (CSI Miami), Debra/Warrick (CSI Las Vegas), Dexter/Catherine (CSI Las Vegas), Dexter/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Dexter/Lilly (Cold Case), Dexter/Sara (CSI Las Vegas), Dexter/Sofia (CSI Las Vegas)
Dexter/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Dexter/Horatio (CSI Miami), Dexter/Nick (CSI Las Vegas), Dexter/Greg (CSI Las Vegas)

Doctor Who:                                                                                     
fandoms: Avengers/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Blood TiesBtvS/Angel, Dollhouse, Dr. Quinn, Eureka, Firefly/Serenity, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Haven, Highlander, Law & Order UK, Legend of the Seeker, Lost Girl, Moonlight, Primeval, BBC's Robin Hood, Sanctuary, Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Stargate, Supernatural, True Blood, Twilight, Veronica Mars, Vampire Diaries (VD), Warehouse 13
couples: Amy/Dean (SPN), Amy/Eric (True Blood), Amy/Stephen (Primeval), Jack/Alesha (Law & Order)
, Jack/Bo (Lost Girl), Jack/Buffy (Btvs), Jack/Belle (Secret Diary), Jack/Cara (LotS), Jack/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Jack/Hannah (Secret Diary), Jack/Henry (Blood Ties), Jack/Inara (Firefly/Serenity), Jack/Kahlan (LotS), Jack/Maria (Avengers), Jack/Ruby (SPN), Jack/TJ (SGU), Jack/Willow (BtvS), Jenny/Eli (SGU), Jenny/Jacob (Twilight), Martha/Becker (Primeval), Martha/Clint (Avengers), Martha/Dean (SPN), Martha/Eli (SGU), Martha/Grant (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Martha/Riley (BtvS), Martha/Steve (Avengers), Mickey/Bella (Twilight), Mickey/Jennsen (LotS), Mickey/Jess (Primeval), Mickey/Jo (SPN), Rose/Dean (SPN), Rose/Jacob (Twilight), Rose/Richard (LotS), Rose/Riley (BtvS), Rose/Sam (SPN), Rose/Stephen (Primeval), Rose/Thor (Avengers), Sally/Aiden (SGA), Sally/Lincoln Lee (Fringe), Sally/Riley (BtvS), Sally/Stephen (Primeval), Sally/Steve (Captain America/Avengers), the Doctor/'Altlivia' (Fringe), the Doctor/Bella (Twilight), the Doctor/Beth (Moonlight), the Doctor/Buffy (BtvS), the Doctor/Caroline (VD) the Doctor/Daenerys (GoT), the Doctor/Elizabeth (SGA), the Doctor/Faith (Angel/BtvS), the Doctor/Fred (Doctor Who), the Doctor/Hannah (Secret Diary), the Doctor/Helen (Sanctuary), the Doctor/Jo (SPN), the Doctor/Kahlan (LotS), the Doctor/Marian (Robin Hood), Doctor/Michaela (Dr. Quinn), the Doctor/Prue (Charmed), the Doctor/Sam (SG-1/SGA), the Doctor/Veronica (Veronica Mars), the Doctor/Willow (BtvS)
Amy/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Amy/Jessica (True Blood), Jack/Buffy (Btvs), Jack/Cam (SG-1), Jack/Cara (LotS), Jack/Duncan (Highlander), Jack/Hannah (Secret Diary), Jack/Henry (Blood Ties), Jack/John (SGA), Jack/Kahlan (LotS), Jack/Steve (Captain America/Avengers), Jack/Willow (BtvS), Martha/Bella (Twilight), Martha/Eli (SGU), Martha/Faith (BtvS), Martha/Michaela (Dr. Quinn), Martha/Steve (Avengers), Martha/TJ (SGU), Rose/Bella (Twilight), Rose/Buffy (BtvS), Rose/Faith (BtvS), Rose/Kahlan (LotS), the Doctor/Bella (Twilight), the Doctor/Bruce (Avengers), the Doctor/Buffy (BtvS), the Doctor/Castiel (SPN), the Doctor/Claudia (Warehouse 13), the Doctor/Connor (Primeval), the Doctor/Daniel (SG-1), the Doctor/Echo (Dollhouse), the Doctor/Eli (SGU), the Doctor/Faith (Angel/BtvS), the Doctor/Kahlan (LotS), the Doctor/Kenzi (Lost Girl), the Doctor/Luna (Harry Potter), the Doctor/Michaela (Dr. Quinn), the Doctor/Peter Bishop (Fringe), the Doctor/Prue (Charmed), the Doctor/Rodney (SG-1/SGA), the Doctor/Sam (SG-1/SGA), the Doctor/Tony (Avengers), the Doctor/Veronica (Veronica Mars), the Doctor/Walter Bishop (Fringe), the Doctor/Willow (BtvS)
friends/family: Martha/Alesha (Law & Order), Rose/Hannah (Secret Diary)

friends/rivals: Jack/Dean (SPN)

fandoms: Chuck, Doctor Who, Supernatural                                
couples: Echo/Dean (Supernatural), Echo/Sam
friends: Echo/Chuck
(Chuck), Echo/Doctor, Echo/Sarah (Chuck)

Dr. Quinn:                                                                                             
fandoms: Doctor Who 
couples: Michaela/the Doctor (Doctor Who)
Michaela/Martha (Doctor Who), Michaela/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

Dresden Files                                                                                        
fandoms: Charmed

couples: Harry/Prue (Charmed)

Drop Dead Diva:
fandoms: Boston Legal

fandoms: Doctor Who, Fringe, Leverage,
Nikita, Primeval: New World, Stargate, Warehouse 13                      
couples: Fargo/Claudia (Warehouse 13), Jo/Eliot (Leverage), Trevor/Helena (Warehouse 13)
friends: Jack/Jack (Stargate)

family: Jack/Sam (Stargate), Zane/Evan (Primeval)

fandoms: Stargate                                     
Aeryn/Cameron (Stargate), John/Sam (Stargate)
friends/family: Aeryn/Vala (Stargate), John/Cameron (Stargate)

Fever Series:
BtvS, Grimm
s: Barrons/Buffy (BtvS), Barrons/Faith (BtvS/Angel)
Mac/Buffy (BtvS), Mac/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Dani/Dawn (BtvS)

fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Stargate

couplesInara/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
friends/family: Kaylee/Jennifer (SGA)

fandoms: Doctor Who, Eureka, Supernatural
s: 'Altlivia'/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Lincoln Lee/Sally Sparrow (Doctor Who), Olivia/Dean (SPN)
friends: Peter Bishop/the Doctor, Walter Bishop/the Doctor
, Olivia/Sam (SPN), Peter/Dean/Sam (SPN)

Game of Thrones:
fandoms: Doctor Who, Legend of the Seeker, LotR, Stargate
couples: Daenerys/Legolas (LotR), Daenerys/Ronon (SGA), Daenerys/the Doctor (Doctor Who)
friends: Daenerys/Kahlan (LotS), Daenerys/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

Ghost Whisperer:                                                                            
fandoms: Anna und die Liebe, Charmed, 
Grimm, Medium
friends: Melinda/Allison (Medium), Melinda/Anna (
Anna und die Liebe), Melinda/Jonas (Anna und die Liebe)

Gilmore Girls:         
fandoms: Heroes, Parenthood, Supernatural
Rory/Peter (Heroes), Rory/Sam (SPN)  
family: Dean/Sam/Dean (SPN), Jess/Peter (Heroes), Lorelai/Sarah (Parenthood)

fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Charmed, Fever Series, Ghost Whisperer, Lost Girl, Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries
couples: Nick/Bo (Lost Girl), Nick/Buffy (BtvS/Angel), Nick/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Nick/Fred (Angel), Nick/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Nick/Paige (Charmed), Nick/Phoebe (Charmed), Nick/Prue (Charmed)

Harry Potter:
fandomsAngel/BtvSCharmed, Chronicles of Narnia, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Pretty Little Liars, Primeval, Sky High, Supernatural, Twilight
couples: Cho/Edward (Twilight), Ginny/Caspian (Narnia), Ginny/Dean (SPN), Ginny/Jacob (Twilight), Ginny/Stephen (Primeval), Ginny/Warren (Sky High), Harry/Aria (PLL), Harry/Dawn (BtvS), Hermione/Edward (Twilight), Hermione/Jacob (Twilight), Hermione/Legolas (LotR), Hermione/Percy (Percy Jackson), Hermione/Sam (SPN), Hermione/Spencer (Criminal Minds), Hermione/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Minerva/Zedd (LotS), Remus/Kahlan (LotS), Remus/Piper (Charmed), Remus/Willow (BtvS), Severus/Cara (LotS), Sirius/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Sirius/Kahlan (LotS), Sirius/Prue (Charmed)
friends: Dumbledore/Gandalf (LotR), Ginny/Bella (Twilight), Ginny/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Harry/Jacob (Twilight), Harry/Percy (Percy Jackson), Hermione/Annabeth (Percy Jackson), Hermione/Bella (Twilight), Hermione/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Hermione/Willow (BtvS), Luna/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Sirius/Dean (SPN), Sirius/Jacob (Twilight)

fandomsBtvS/Angel, Doctor Who, Supernatural                                                      
Audrey/Dean (SPN)

Hawaii Five-0:                                                                                    
fandoms: Charmed, Combat Hospital, In Plain Sight, Moonlight, NCIS LA, Stargate                  
couples: Danny/Cadman (SGA),
Steve/Cadman (SGA), Kono/Callen (NCIS LA), Kono/Ronon (SGA), Steve/Beth (Moonlight), Steve/Cadman (SGA), Steve/Kensi (NCIS LA) Steve/Mary (In Plain Sight), Steve/Prue (Charmed), Steve/Rebecca (Combat Hospital)
friends: Steve/John (SGA), Steve/Ronon (SGA), Steve/Sam (NCIS LA), Kono/Kensi (NCIS LA), whole teams (NCIS LA)
friends/family: Steve/Mick (Moonlight)

fandoms: Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson & the Olympians
couples: Hercules/Cara (LotS), Hercules/Kahlan (LotS)

friends: Hercules/Percy (Percy Jackson), Hercules/Richard (LotS)

fandoms: Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Sky High, X-Men
couples: Peter/Rory (Gilmore Girls)

BtvS, Supernatural, the Secret Circle
couples: Cassie/Dean (SPN),
Thelma/Willow (BtvS)
friends: Cassie/Buffy (BtvS), Ella/Faith (BtvS)

fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood
friends: Duncan/Jack (
Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Human Target:  
fandoms: Angel/BtvS, Leverage, Supernatural
couples: Ames/Dean (SPN), Chance/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Chance/Fred (Angel), Emma/Sam (SPN)
friends: Ames/Parker (Leverage), Chance/Dean (SPN), Chance/Eliot (Leverage)

In Plain Sight:
fandoms: Chase, Hawaii 5-0
couples: Mary/Steve (Hawaii 5-0)
friends: Mary/Annie (Chase)

fandoms: Stargate

couples: Mac/Jack (SG-1), Mac/John (SGA)
friends: Mac/Sam (SG-1/SGA)

Law and Order UK:                                                                            
fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Alesha/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
friends/family: Alesha/Martha
(Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Legend of the Seeker:                                                                              
fandoms: Angel/BtvS, Blood Ties, Doctor Who
/Torchwood, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hercules, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Prince of Persia, Robin Hood (BBC), Snow White & the Huntsman, Stargate, Supernatural, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Xena
couples: Cara/Cam (SG-1), Cara/Dean (SPN), Cara/Eric (True Blood), Cara/Faith (BtvS), Cara/Henry (Blood Ties), Cara/Hercules (Hercules), Cara/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Cara/John (SGA), Cara/Legolas (LotR), Cara/Ronon (SGA), Cara/Tosh (Torchwood), Cara/Severus (Harry Potter), Cara/Tara (BtvS), Cara/Willow (BtvS), Jennsen/Aiden (SGA), Jennsen/Mickey (Doctor Who), Jennsen/Sam (SPN), Kahlan/Angel (Angel/BtvS), Kahlan/Aragorn (LotR), Kahlan/Cam (SG-1), Kahlan/Castiel (SPN), Kahlan/Dastan (Prince of Persia), Kahlan/Dean (SPN), Kahlan/Hercules (Hercules), Kahlan/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Kahlan/John (SGA), Kahlan/Legolas (LotR), Kahlan/Remus (Harry Potter), Kahlan/Sirius (Harry Potter), Kahlan/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Richard/Buffy (BtvS), Richard/Cadman (SGA), Richard/Gwen (Torchwood), Richard/Rose (Doctor Who), Richard/Teyla (SGA), Zedd/Minerva (Harry Potter)
love triangles/threesomes: Cara/Eric/Nora (True Blood), Cara/Henry/Jack (Blood Ties/Torchwood)
friendsCara/Faith (BtvS), Cara/Gwen (Torchwood), Cara/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Cara/Xena (Xena), Kahlan/Arwen (LotR),  Kahlan/Faith (BtvS), Kahlan/Gabrielle (Xena), Kahlan/Gwen (Torchwood), Kahlan/Rose (Doctor Who), Kahlan/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Kahlan/Xena (Xena), Richard/Aragorn (LotR), Richard/Gimli (LotR), Richard/Hercules (Hercules), Richard/Legolas (LotR), Zedd/Gandalf (LotR)
friends/enemies: Cara/Callisto (Xe
na), Denna/Faith (BtvS/Angel) Kahlan/Callisto (Xena)

fandoms: Angel/BtvS, Close to Home, Eureka, Human Target, Nikita, Stargate, Supernatural
couples: Eliot/Alex (Nikita), Eliot/Annabeth (Close to Home), Eliot/Buffy (BtvS),
Eliot/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Eliot/Jo (Eureka), Eliot/Jo (SPN)
friends: Eliot/Chance (Human Target), Eliot/Ronon (SGA), Parker/Ames (Human Target)
family: Eliot/Lindsey (Angel), Eliot/Jack (Close to Home)

fandoms: Criminal Minds, the L-Word                                              
Dani/Derek (Criminal Minds), Dani/Shane (the L-Word)

Lord of the Rings:
fandoms: Ant-Man, BtvS, Charmed, Game of Thrones, Hercules, Harry Potter, Legend of the Seeker, Robin Hood, Snow White & the Huntsman, Xena
couples: Aragorn/Kahlan (LotS), Aragorn/Prue (Charmed), Eomer/Paige (Charmed), Eomer/Phoebe (Charmed), Haldir/Paige (Charmed), Haldir/Phoebe (Charmed), Legolas/Buffy (BtvS), Legolas/Cara (LotS), Legolas/Daenerys (GoT), Legolas/Hermione (Harry Potter), Legolas/Hope (Ant-Man) Legolas/Kahlan (LotS), Legolas/Paige (Charmed), Legolas/Phoebe (Charmed), Legolas/Prue (Charmed)
friends: Aragorn/Richard (LotS), Arwen/Kahlan (LotS), Gandalf/Dumbledore (Harry Potter), Gandalf/Zedd (LotS), Gimli/Richard (LotS), Legolas/Richard (LotS)

couples: Kate/John (SGA)

Lost Girl:                                                                                              
fandoms: Blood Ties, BtvS/Angel, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Grimm, Stargate, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, True Blood, Warehouse 13
couples: Bo/Angel (Angel/BtvS), Bo/Dean (SPN), Bo/Eric (True Blood), Bo/Faith (BtvS), Bo/Cam (SG-1), Bo/Henry (Blood Ties), Bo/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Bo/John (SGA), Bo/Nick (Grimm), Bo/Ronon (SGA), Bo/Willow (BtvS), Kenzi/Derek (Teen Wolf), Kenzi/Henry (Blood Ties), Kenzi/Nick (Grimm)
love triangles/threesomes: Bo/Eric/Nora (True Blood), Bo/Henry/Jack (Blood Ties/Torchwood)
friends: Bo/Angel (Angel/BtvS), Bo/Faith (BtvS), Bo/Gwen (Torchwood), Bo/Sookie (True Blood), Kenzi/Claudia (Warehouse 13), Kenzi/Dawn (BtvS), Kenzi/Jessica (True Blood), Kenzi/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

Marvel (TV & movies): Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ant-Man, Captain America, Avengers, Defenders, Iron Man, Thor, ...
fandomsAngel/BtvS, Doctor Who, LotR, Snow White & the Huntsman, Stargate, Supernatural, Torchwood
couples: Bruce/Fred and/or Bruce/Illyria
(AtS), Clint/Faith (AtS/BtvS), Clint/Gwen (Torchwood), Clint/Martha (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Hope/Legolas (LotR), Natasha/Dean (SPN), Steve/Buffy (AtS/BtvS), Steve/Martha (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Steve/Sally (Doctor Who), Thor/Buffy (AtS/BtvS), Thor/Faith (AtS/BtvS), Thor/Rose (Doctor Who), Thor/Snow White
Bruce/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Natasha/Faith (AtS/BtvS), Natasha/Willow (AtS/BtvS), Steve/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Steve/Martha (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Tony/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Tony/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

fandoms: Anna und die Liebe, Ghost Whisperer
friends: Allison/Anna (
Anna und die Liebe), Allison/Jonas (Anna und die Liebe), Allison/Melinda (Ghost Whisperer)

fandoms: Legend of the Seeker

fandoms: Doctor Who, Hawaii 5-0, Veronica Mars
Beth/Steve (H50), Beth/the Doctor, Josef/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
friends: Beth/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
friends/family: Mick/Steve (Hawaii 5-0)

Mutant X:                                                                                             
fandoms: Angel/BtvS, Dark Angel, X-Men
couples: Brennan/Buffy (BtvS), Brennan/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Brennan/Gwen (Angel), Brennan/Max (Dark Angel), Jesse/Faith (BtvS/Angel)

NCIS & NCIS LA:                                                                                        
Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, Stargate
couples: Callen/Kono (H50), Kensi/Derek (Criminal Minds), Kensi/Steve (H50)
friends: Sam/Steve (H50), Kensi/Kono (H50), whole teams (Criminal Minds, H50)

fandoms: Alias, Castle, Chaos, Covert Affairs, Eureka, Leverage, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, XIII

couples: Alex/Billy (Chaos), Alex/Dean (Supernatural), Alex/Eliot (Leverage), Alex/XIII (XIII)
friends: Alex/Annie (Covert Affairs), Alex/Rachel (Alias), Alex/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Nikita/Annie (Covert Affairs), Nikita/Sydney (Alias)

Off the Map:
fandoms: Three Rivers
couples: Ryan/Andy (Three Rivers)

One Tree Hill:                                                                                        
fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Supernatural

couples: Brooke/Dean (SPN), Haley/Sam (SPN), Rachel/Dean (SPN)
friends: Brooke/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Lucas/Sam (SPN)

fandoms: Gilmore Girls

family: Sarah/Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians:
fandoms: BtvS, Harry Potter, Hercules, Stargate, Xena
couples: Percy/Dawn (BtvS), Percy/Hermione (Harry Potter)
friends: Annabeth/Hermione (Harry Potter), Annabeth/Xena (Xena), Percy/Harry (Harry Potter), Percy/Hercules (Hercules)

Pretty Little Liars:                                                                                  
fandoms: Gossip Girl, Harry Potter

couples: Aria/Harry (Harry Potter)

Primeval & Primeval: New Wold: 
fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eureka, Harry Potter, Stargate, the Vampire Diaries
couples: Becker/Faith
(BtvS/Angel), Becker/Martha (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Jess/Mickey (Doctor Who), Stephen/Amy (Doctor Who), Stephen/Buffy (BtvS), Stephen/Ginny (Harry Potter), Stephen/Rose (Doctor Who), Stephen/Sally (Doctor Who)
friends: Becker/John (SGA), Becker/Ronon (SGA), Connor/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

friends/family: Dylan/Elena/Jenna/Jeremy (TVD), Evan/Zane (Eureka)

Prince of Persia:
fandoms: Legend of the Seeker
couples: Dastan/Kahlan (LotS)

Private Practice:                                                                                      
fandoms: Stargate
Addison/John (SGA) 

Robin Hood (BBC):                                                          
fandoms: Doctor Who, Legend of the Seeker
, Lord of the Rings, Snow White & the Huntsman
Marian/the Doctor

Resident Evil:                                                        
fandoms: BTVS/Angel, The Walking Dead (TWD)

fandoms: Heroes, Smallville, Supernatural                   
couples: Liz/Clark (Smallville), Liz/Sam (SPN), Maria/Dean (SPN)

friends: Liz/Lana (Smallville)

fandoms: Doctor Who, Stargate
couples: Helen/Daniel (SG-1), Helen/Jack O'Neill (SG-1), Helen/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

friends/family: Helen/Sam (SG-1/SGA)

Secret Diary of a Callgirl:
fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Supernatural, True Blood
couples: Belle/Dean (SPN), Belle/Eric (True Blood), Belle/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Hannah/Dean (SPN), Hannah/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Hannah/Sam (SPN), Hannah/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

friends: Hannah/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Hannah/the Doctor (Doctor Who)
friends/family: Hannah/Rose (Doctor Who)

Sky High: 
fandoms: Harry Potter, Heroes, X-Men
couples: Warren/Ginny (Harry Potter)

fandoms: BtvS, Roswell, Supernatural, Twilight

couples: Chloe/Dean (SPN), Chloe/Sam (SPN), Clark/Buffy (BtvS), Clark/Jo (SPN), Clark/Liz (Roswell), Lana/Dean (SPN), Lana/Jacob (Twilight), Lana/Sam (SPN), Lois/Dean (SPN), Oliver/Bela (SPN), Oliver/Faith (BtvS), Oliver/Jo (SPN)
friends: Lana/Liz (Roswell), Clark/Dean/Sam (SPN), Oliver/Dean (SPN)

Snow White & the Huntsman:
Avengers/Thor, Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Once Upon A Time, Robin Hood

couples: Snow White/Thor

friends/family: Huntsman/Thor

fandoms: Avengers, AliasAngel/BtvS, Army Wives, BSG, Charmed,
Criminal Minds, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eureka, Farscape, Game of Thrones, Hawaii 5-0, JAG, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Lost, Lost Girl, NCIS, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Primeval, Private Practice, Supernatural, the Walking Dead (TWD), Warehouse 13
couples: Cadman/Becker (Primeval), Cadman/Daryl (TWD),
Cadman/Danny (Hawaii 5-0), Cadman/Steve (Hawaii 5-0), Cam/Aeryn (Farscape), Cam/Bo (Lost Girl), Cam/Buffy (BtvS), Cam/Cara (LotS), Cam/Kahlan (LotS), Cam/Paige (Charmed), Daniel/Helen (Sanctuary), Daniel/Phoebe (Charmed), Eli/Anna (SPN), Eli/Claudia (Warehouse 13), Eli/Jenny (Doctor Who), Eli/Martha (Doctor Who), Elizabeth/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Ford/Dee (BSG), Ford/Jennsen (LotS), Ford/Jo (SPN), Ford/Sally (Doctor Who), Jack/Helen (Sanctuary), Jack/Mac (JAG), John/Addison (Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice), John/Bo (Lost Girl), John/Cara (LotS), John/Faith (Angel/BtvS), John/Fred (Angel), John/Kahlan (LotS), John/Kara (BSG), John/Kate (Lost), John/Mac (JAG), John/Myka (Warehouse 13), John/Prue (Charmed), John/Sydney (Alias), Lorne/Fred (Angel), Ronon/Billie (Charmed), Ronon/Bo (Lost Girl), Ronon/Cara (LotS), Ronon/Daenerys (GoT), Ronon/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Ronon/Jo (SPN), Ronon/Kono (Hawaii 5-0), Sam/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Teyla/Richard (LotS), TJ/Dean (SPN), TJ/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), TJ/Sam (SPN)
friends: Cadman/Fred (Angel), Cadman/Sharon (BSG),
Cam/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Daniel/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Eli/Martha (Doctor Who), Eli/Spencer (Criminal Minds), Eli//the Doctor (Doctor Who), Jack/Jack (Eureka), John/Becker (Primeval), John/Dean (SPN), John/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), John/Lee (BSG), John/Steve (Hawaii 5-0), Rodney/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Ronon/Becker (Primeval), Ronon/Dean (SPN), Ronon/Eliot (Leverage), Ronon/Steve (Hawaii 5-0), Sam/Henry (Eureka), Sam/Mac (JAG), Sam/the Doctor (Doctor Who), TJ/Martha (Doctor Who)
friends/family: Cam/John (Farscape), Sam/Helen (Sanctuary), Sam/Jack (Eureka),Vala/Aeryn (Farscape)

fandomsAngel/BtvS, Bloodlines, Charmed, Chuck, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds, Dark Angel, Dexter, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Dollhouse, Fringe, Grimm, Harry Potter, Haven, Hex, Human Target, Legend of the Seeker, Lost Girl, Nikita, One Tree Hill, Roswell, Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Smallville, Stargate, Teen Wolf
, the Avengers, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead (TWD), True Blood, Vampire Academy, Veronica Mars
couples: Anna/Eli (SGU), Bela/Oliver (Smallville), Castiel/Buffy (BtvS), Castiel/Illyria (Angel), Castiel/Kahlan (LotS), Dean/Alex (Nikita), Dean/Ames (Human Target), Dean/Amy (Doctor Who), Dean/Annie (Covert Affairs), Dean/Audrey (Haven), Dean/Belle (Secret Diary), Dean/Billie (Charmed), Dean/Bo (Lost Girl), Dean/Brooke (OTH), Dean/Buffy (BtvS), Dean/Cara (LotS), Dean/Caroline (TVD), Dean/Cassie (Hex), Dean/Chloe (Smallville), Dean/Elena (TVD), Dean/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Dean/Fred (Angel), Dean/Ginny (Harry Potter), Dean/Hannah (Secret Diary), Dean/Kahlan (LotS), Dean/Lana (Smallville), Dean/Lois (Smallville), Dean/Maria (Roswell), Dean/Martha (Doctor Who), Dean/Max (Dark Angel), Dean/Natasha (Avengers), Dean/Olivia (Fringe), Dean/Prue (Charmed), Dean/Rose (Doctor Who), Dean/Sarah (Chuck), Dean/Sookie (True Blood), Dean/TJ (SGU), Dean/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Jo/Chris (Charmed), Jo/Clark (Smallville), Jo/Derek (Teen Wolf), Jo/Eliot (Leverage), Jo/Ford (SGA), Jo/Mickey (Doctor Who), Jo/Oliver (Smallville), Jo/Riley (BtvS), Jo/Ronon (SGA), Jo/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Jo/Wyatt (Charmed), Jo/Xander, (BtvS), Ruby/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Ruby/Wyatt (Charmed), Sam/Buffy (BtvS), Sam/Chloe (Smallville), Sam/Dawn (BtvS), Sam/Echo (Dollhouse), Sam/Elena (TVD), Sam/Emma (Human Target), Sam/Fred (Angel), Sam/Haley (OTH), Sam/Hannah (Secret Diary), Sam/Hermione (Harry Potter), Sam/Jennsen (LotS), Sam/Lana (Smallville), Sam/Liz (Roswell), Sam/Paige (Charmed), Sam/Phoebe (Charmed), Sam/Rose (Doctor Who), Sam/Sookie (True Blood), Sam/TJ (SGU), Sam/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Sam/Willow (BtvS)

love triangles: Dean/Faith/Jack (BTVS/Torchwood), Dean/Buffy/Angel (BTVS)
friends: Castiel/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Dean/Chance (Human Target), Dean/Daryl (TWD), Dean/Sam/Chris/Wyatt (Charmed), Dean/Sam/Clark  (Smallville), Dean/John (SGA), Dean/Sam/Peter (Fringe), Dean/Ronon (SGA), Dean/Sirius (Harry Potter), Jo/Annie (Covert Affairs), Jo/Billie (Charmed), Jo/Dawn (BtvS), Sam/Lucas (OTH), Sam/Olivia (Fringe)
friends/enemies: Ruby/Buffy (BtvS), Ruby/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Ruby/Willow (BtvS)
friends/family: Dean/Sam/Alec (Dark Angel)

friends/rivals: Dean/Eric (True Blood), Dean/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Teen Wolf:                                                                                  
fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Lost Girl, Supernatural, the Secret Circle, the Vampire Diaries, True Blood

couples: Allison/Jeremy (TVD), Derek/Caroline (TVD), Derek/Faith (BtvS/Angel), Derek/Jessica (True Blood), Derek/Jo (SPN), Derek/Katherine (TVD), Derek/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Derek/Rebekah (TVD)
friends: Allison/Elena (TVD)    

the L-Word:                                                                                               
fandoms: Life
Shane/Dani (Life)

the Listener:
fandoms: True Blood
s: Toby/Sookie (True Blood)

the Secret Circle:                                                                                  
BtvS/Angel, Charmed, Hex, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, the Vampire Diaries
couples: Cassie/Jeremy (TVD), Faye/Damon (TVD)

friends/family: Faye/Hayley (TVD)

The Vampire Diaries:                                                                                  
fandoms: BTVS/Angel, Bloodlines, Charmed, Grimm, Primeval: New World, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, the Secret Circle, True Blood
, Vampire Academy
couples: Alaric/Buffy /BTVS), Alaric/Dylan (Primeval), Alaric/Jo (SPN), Caroline/Dean (SPN), Caroline/Derek (Teen Wolf), Caroline/Eric (True Blood), Caroline/Riley (VD), Damon/Buffy (BTVS), Damon/Faith (BTVS/Angel), Damon/Faye (TSC), Damon/Jessica (True Blood), Damon/Jo (SPN), Elena/Dean (SPN), Elena/Eric (True Blood), Elena/Sam (SPN), Jeremy/Allison (Teen Wolf), Jeremy/Cassie (TSC), Jeremy/Dawn (BTVS), Katherine/Angel(us) (BtvS/Angel), Katherine/Derek (Teen Wolf), Katherine/Eric (VD), Katherine/Spike (BtvS/Angel), Rebekah/Derek (Teen Wolf), Rebekah/Eric (True Blood), Rebekah/Riley (BTVS), Rebekah/Willow (BTVS)
love triangles/threesomes: Katherine/Eric/Nora (True Blood), Rebekah/Eric/Nora (True Blood)
friends: Bonnie/Tara (BTVS), Bonnie/Willow (BTVS), Caroline/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Elena/Allison (Teen Wolf), Katherine/Darla (BTVS/Angel), Katherine/Ruby (SPN)
friends/family: Hayley/Faye (TSC), Jenna/Dylan/Elena/Jeremy (Primeval)

The Walking Dead:                                                                                  
fandoms: BTVS/Angel, Resident Evil, Stargate, Supernatural (SPN)

couples: Daryl/Cadman (SGA), Daryl/Faith (BTVS)
friends: Daryl/Dean (SPN)

Three Rivers:                                                                                            
fandoms: Off the Map

fandoms: Blood TiesBTVS/Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Law & Order UK,
Legend of the Seeker, Lost Girl, Stargate, Supernatural, True Blood
couples: Gwen/Buffy (BTVS), Gwen/Richard (LotS), Jack/Alesha (Law & Order), Jack/Bo (Lost Girl), Jack/Buffy (BtvS), Jack/Cara (LotS), Jack/Faith (Angel/BTVS), Jack/Henry (Blood Ties), Jack/Inara (Firefly/Serenity), Jack/Kahlan (LotS), Jack/Ruby (SPN), Jack/TJ (SGU), Jack/Willow (BTVS), Tosh/Cara (LotS)
friends: Gwen/Bo (Lost Girl), Gwen/Buffy (BtvS), Gwen/Cara (LotS), Gwen/Vicki (Blood Ties), Jack/Buffy (BtvS), Jack/Cam (SG-1), Jack/Cara (LotS), Jack/Duncan (Highlander), Jack/Eric (True Blood), Jack/Henry (Blood Ties), Jack/John (SGA), Jack/Willow (BtvS)
friends/rivals: Jack/Dean (SPN)

Tru Calling:                                                                                           
fandoms: BTVS, White Collar
couples: Tru/Neal (White Collar)
friends: Tru/Buffy (BTVS)

friends/family: Tru/Faith (BTVS)

True Blood: (TV series/books)                                                                   
fandomsAngel/BTVS, Bloodlines, Doctor Who/
Torchwood, Legend of the Seeker, Lost Girl, Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, the Listener, the Vampire Diaries (TVD), Vampire Academy
couples: Eric/Amy (Doctor Who), Eric/Belle (Secret Diary), Eric/Bo (Lost Girl), Eric/Buffy (BTVS), Eric/Cara (LotS), Eric/Caroline (TVD), Eric/Elena (TVD), Eric/Katherine (TVD), Eric/Faith (Angel/BTVS), Eric/Rebekah (TVD), Jessica/Damon (TVD), Jessica/Derek (Teen Wolf), Sookie/Dean (SPN), Sookie/Sam (SPN), Sookie/Toby (the Listener)
love triangles/threesomes: Eric/Buffy/Angel (BTVS), Nora/Eric/Bo (Lost Girl), Nora/Eric/Buffy (BTVS), Nora/Eric/Cara (LotS), Nora/Eric/Faith (BTVS), Nora/Eric/Katherine (TVD), Nora/Eric/Rebekah (TVD)
friends: Eric/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Jessica/Amy (Doctor Who), Jessica/Faith (Angel/BtvS), Jessica/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Sookie/Bo (Lost Girl), Sookie/Buffy (BtvS)
friends/rivals: Eric/Angel
(Angel/BtvS), Eric/Dean (SPN), Eric/Spike (Angel/BtvS)

fandoms: Angel/BtvS, Doctor Who, Harry Potter
Bella/Mickey (Doctor Who), Bella/the Doctor, Edward/Cho (Harry Potter), Edward/Hermione (Harry Potter), Jacob/Buffy (BTVS), Jacob/Dawn (BTVS), Jacob/Faith (Angel/BTVS), Jacob/Ginny (Harry Potter), Jacob/Hermione (Harry Potter), Jacob/Jenny (Doctor Who), Jacob/Lana (Smallville), Jacob/Rose (Doctor Who)
friends: Bella/Ginny
(Harry Potter), Bella/Hermione (Harry Potter), Bella/Martha (Doctor Who), Bella/Rose (Doctor Who), Bella/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Jacob/Harry (Harry Potter), Jacob/Sirius (Harry Potter)

Vampire Academy/Bloodlines:                                                                                       
fandoms: BtvS/Angel, Supernatural, True Blood, the Vampire Diaries
couples: Dimitri/Buffy (BtvS/Angel), Dimitri/Faith (BtvS/Angel)

friends: Sydney/Willow (BtvS/Angel), Adrian/Spike (BtvS/Angel)

Veronica Mars:                                                                                       
fandoms: Blood Ties, Chaos, Doctor Who, Moonlight, Nikita, Supernatural, White Collar, XIII                             
couples: Veronica/Billy (Chaos), Veronica/Dean (SPN),
Veronica/Henry (Blood Ties), Veronica/Josef (Moonlight), Veronica/Neal (White Collar), Veronica/Sam (SPN), Veronica/the Doctor (Doctor Who), Veronica/XIII (XIII)
friends: Veronica/Alex (Nikita), Veronica/Be
th (Moonlight), Veronica/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

Warehouse 13:                                                                                       
fandoms: Doctor Who, Eureka, Lost Girl
, Stargate
couples: Claudia/Eli (SGU), Claudia/Fargo (Eureka), Helena/Trevor (Eureka), Myka/John (SGA)

friends: Claudia/Kenzi (Lost Girl), Claudia/the Doctor (Doctor Who)

White Collar:
fandoms: Castle, Chuck, Covert Affairs, Tru Calling, Veronica Mars
couples: Neal/Annie (Covert Affairs), Neal/Kate (Castle), Neal/Sarah (Chuck), Neal/Tru (Tru Calling), Neal/Veronica (Veronica Mars)

Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson & the Olympians
friends: Gabrielle/Kahlan (LotS), Xena/Annabeth (Percy Jackson), Xena/Cara (LotS), Xena/Kahlan (LotS)
friends/enemies: Callisto/Cara (LotS), Callisto/Kahlan (LotS)

fandoms: Alias, Covert Affairs, Nikita, Veronica Mars                         
couples: XIII/Alex (Nikita)
, XIII/Rachel (Alias), XIII/Sydney (Alias), XIII/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
friends: XIII/Michael (Nikita)