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Terms of use:
If you take any of my icons or other artwork, please
- do not claim as your own!
- donīt hotlink!
- credit: www.charming.aislin.net, sarah_jones on lj or charming_angel on ij (if you use my art in a journal)
- do not alter my art in any way unless you have my permission.
- donīt rip my incredimail stationary apart!


do not use my decoscans & pictures to make any other art (tags, stats, ...) or alter them in any way! They are just scans/pictures to show around!
If you want to post my artwork on your side, please ask first!
Credit for my ressources:
- can be found in the userinfo of my journal: sarah_jones on lj
- If I forgot to credit someone and you see, that I used the brushes, textures or something else from you or someone you know, please let me know and I will gladly add it to my credit list!          
- if I make icons from manipulations of other people, with their permission, the icons are linked back to the maker
Some icons and other art were made using tutorials. I linked the graphics back to the tutorials if I still had the link. Some tutorials were followed step by step, some I changed a bit and some where just an inspiration. Feel free to check the great tutorials out yourself. ;-) They helped me a lot!